Buy land and build your dream home – all at affordable price tag

With growing demand for houses, there is also a growing demand for vacant lands in Sydney and other parts of Australia. In order to meet this ever increasing demand, the Government of Australia has proposed vacant lands to accommodate about 30000 new residential blocks in Leppington and Kellyville, the two suburbs of Sydney. These two suburbs are located about 50 kilometers from Sydney’s Central Business District (CBD). The proposed new housing blocks will have all the facilities like parks, playgrounds, schools, hospitals, banks, improved roads to name a few of the infrastructure proposed. Therefore, instead of looking for a new house for sale, you may consider buying a plot and then construct your new abode.


new house for sale


Skyrocketing of price:

Since the recent past, prices of houses in Australia have skyrocketed. For example, in certain places that are located about 45 kms from CBD, the median price of a new house for sale is about AUD 2 millions. In Sydney suburbs, the cost of a house is about AUD 5 millions.

Foreign investors:

The demand for a new house for sale in Australia is further fuelled because of the entry buyers from overseas. For example, recently in Edmondson Park, commercial property worth AUD 50 million was bought by investors from China.

Unique house and land packages:

As a result because of the huge price tag of vacant Leppington house land as well as of the houses, you may find it very difficult to find affordable homes in Australia. On the other hand, you may have inclination to buy a plot of land and build a new house to suit your requirements. Therefore, if you are planning to construct a new home at an affordable price, you may also consider any of the Kellyville house and land packages.

Permitted by law:

As the very name suggests, this is a package where you buy a piece of land from a builder. Thereafter you will entrust the task of building your dream home to the same builder. Such packages are allowed according to the law prevailing in Australia. Essentially this package consists of two elements namely buying the land and building the home.

Essential part of the package:

In the first place you should ensure that under the ponds house and land packages the land identified by you is conveyed to you by following all the legal procedures. Once you get ownership to the plot, now you will enter into a house building agreement with the same developer who sold the land to you.

Approval of design:

Now, it is the responsibility of the builder to ensure construction of the house in compliance with the norms of the local council. In the normal course, the builder will have made a few customized designs for sites in different dimensions. In fact, the builder will obtain approval of the local council for each of the customized designs.

Benefits of packages:

Normally, you may prefer some modifications in the customized plan provided to you. In the normal course, such modifications need not be vetted by the Local Council. As a result, the builder will be able to carry out the modifications suggested by you in building your dream home. Many prefer this land and home package because here you get an opportunity to choose your land and also the design of the house. This package saves on stamp duty and you get a brand new home. You also enjoy the benefit of depreciation and tax exemptions.

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