How to Prepare Your Sydney House for the Perfect Paint Job

Hiring professional painters Sydney contractors to color both the interior and exterior of your home can make a huge difference for you.  New paint work has an almost therapeutic effect on the room occupants. A well done painting can drastically change the mood of the room while giving your home a fresh new look to savor for a long time.  If you are planning to sell your home in the real estate marketplace, new quality paintwork can drastically increase the value of your home from a small investment.

New painting is always considered a good return on investment on any piece of property. There is always the temptation to do this on your own, since painting is generally considered a non-technical job that virtually anyone can do. In addition, there are plenty of online resources on how you can apply excellent paintwork on your Sydney home which may convince you to go solo when planning to apply new paint coatings. But these can be deceptive and usually oversimplify what is entailed when it comes to applying new paint on your house.

In order to get the best result, however, it is important to subcontract professional painters Sydney contractors who will bring forth painting expertise and excellent workmanship that will result in an elegant and highly appealing house painting. If you are therefore planning to hire professional Sydney painters, it is important to take some preparatory steps in order to ensure that the painting will proceed as smoothly as possible.

This article covers details on how you can prepare your property for a paint job by qualified painters in Sydney:

The Interior Painting Preparation

It is important to make the preparations that will ensure that the paint job goes as smoothly as possible when you are hiring commercial or residential painters Sydney contractors. To prepare the home or office area to be painted before the professional painters arrive, there are certain steps that you can take in the house interior to ensure it is ready for the paint job. These include the following:

  • You will need to clear as much of the furnishings as you can in order to make it easier for the painters to move about the room as they do the painting. This also ensures that your house or office furnishings are not smeared with fresh paints.
  •  In order to ensure there is a flat surface for the paint job, remove the light covers, the outlet covers, and many of the decorative items that may be on the surface to be painted.
  •  If there are items that cannot be removed from the room, ensure that they are pulled away from the wall in order to offer the painting contractor in Sydney sufficient room to move about.
  •  The room should be thoroughly cleaned of dirt and cobwebs so that these are not caught up in the fresh paint.
  • Vacuum and mop all the surfaces in the room in order to remove the dust.

Exterior Painting Preparations

Here are some of the exterior painting preparations which you may undertake when hiring exterior painters in Sydney:

  • Assess the type of bricks used in the home exterior as this will influence the type of paint chosen for the job.
  • Ask the Sydney painters contractors whether they will be carrying out the wall cleaning or whether this lies in your ambit.
  • Look for any service guarantees. Will the painter re-putty or repair any windows that are to be painted?
  • Cover the lawns and the flower beds.
  • Note that some painters may perform many of these preparatory steps so it is important to make inquiries when searching for the right contractors for the job.

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